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Our goal is to promote people living a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Monday 10 AM – 4 PM
    Tuesday 10 AM – 4 PM
    Wednesday 10 AM – 4 PM
    Thursday 10 AM – 4 PM
    Friday 10 AM – 4 PM
    Other times available by appointment only
    Prosthetics and Orthotics
    • Upper & Lower
      Extremity Prosthetics
      Bionic & Conventional Designs
    • Upper & Lower
      Extremity Bracing
      Custom Designed Bracing &
      Off-the-Shelf: FO; HFO; WHFO; EO; SO
    • Upper & Lower
      Contracture Bracing
      Spinal & Cervical
    • Foot Orthotics
      Custom Designed &
      Off-the-Shelf products
    • Shoes for Diabetic & Orthopedic Support

    Certified and insured practitioners
    with 28 years in the field.

    • Pediatric to geriatric
    • Athletic injury bracing
    • Traumatic amputations
    • Diabetic foot and circulation care
    • Post-cervical vascular accident
    • Post-polio
    • Charcot foot pathologies
    • Foot ulcers

    Cutting edge materials
    used in fabrication of
    all of our products.

    Pearl City Clinic

    Large patient care facility
    Centrally located
    Plenty of accessible parking

    Experienced and friendly staff

    38 years experience fitting orthotics
    28 years making prosthetics 

    Our goal is to promote people living a full and active lifestyle regardless of the limitations they may experience using prosthetics and orthotics

    In-house manufacturing

    Ensures a quality fit every time

    Reduces turn-around time

    Immediate modifications available

    We believe that caring for people’s needs is the most important
    thing we do.
    Adapting to a life using prosthetics can be challenging, and we will take the time necessary to enable a smooth and comfortable transition. We specialize in fitting and maintaining active amputees.
    A full line of off-the-shelf and custom designed orthotic products available. In-house manufacturing ensures a perfect fit every time. Instant adjustments are available.

    North Shore Prosthetics and Orthotics was founded with the intention of providing the highest quality in patient care. We believe that if you show people care and respect it will be possible to build lifelong relationships.

    Eric Welton

    Eric has been an amputee since 2006, and knows what it means to be a patient  with special needs. He has lived and worked on the North Shore of Oahu since 2007, and in that time he has learned to surf, skydive, and free-dive. He has developed  a healthy respect for the island, its people, and its culture. His active involvement with AccesSurf has deepened his connection to others with disabilities and inspired his desire to provide services to this under-served population. While finishing his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at UH Manoa, he started NSPO because he felt the need for another option for prosthetics care in Hawaii.

    What to bring to your appointment:
    • Health insurance information, including authorizations or referrals.
    • Recent test results related to your condition.
    • Shoes, if coming for foot orthotics.
    • Current prosthetics or orthotics.
    • List of questions you may have.
    Insurance We Accept


    Veterans Administration (VA)


    HMSA PPO/HMO, HMSA Quest, HMSA Advantage

    Kaiser, Kaiser Quest, Kaiser Advantage

    Aetna, Cigna, Humana, AARP

    United Healthcare, Deseret, Hygeia.

    WHAT Our Patients
    Say about us
    Thomas Counihan

    As a highly active extreme athlete, I’ve struggle to find a prosthetist that can deliver on what I need to always send it. After years of searching, I’ve found the ones. The new Fillauer Wave Sport recommended by the owner and fellow adaptive surfer, Eric Welton, continues to perform beyond my expectations. Whether its in the water, in the skate park, at the gym, or on the rock wall, I’m pushing myself past what I thought were my limits when using other prosthetic feet not right for me. The socket and alignment by Ted Deininger was done in about a week and fit perfectly first try, something I’ve never experienced in 7 years as an amputee. And lets not even get started on the awesome American Flag design he finished it with, freaking sweet. Mahalo nui loa North Shore Prosthetics! I’ll be back for all the work I need.

    Dionisios Nicholas

    I served 23 years in the Marine Corps; suffered injuries overseas and elsewhere I sustained severe incomplete nerve paralysis, and damage to my spine.
    While attending Accessurf I by chance meet both Eric and Ted. Immediately a connection was made.
    I suffer daily. Again by chance, I was given an appointment with them. No more than two weeks and I received proper orthotics service and support! What a change the customer service, personal care and understanding, NSPO Rocks Solid! They get it!!! Semper Fidelis and proud to serve!

    Scott Metcalfe

    Via Facebook I found Eric Welton and Ted Deininger of North Shore Prosthetics at the Pacific Rim Conference in Maui. Wow, what a life changer! I went from hobbling around to getting amazing care and attention to detail. In Pearl City I literally hopped into their office and within four hours had a new prosthetic/LIFE! Their Customer Care made me feel like I was in the Midwest where I’m from originally. Go Packers, hooray to Ted and Eric!! Thank you N. Shore Prosthetics for enhancing my world.

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      (808) 744-5642